Our Mission

“Sustainable Building Solutions for a Smarter World”

In the United States, the buildings sector accounted for about 41% of primary energy consumption in 2010, 44% more than the transportation sector and 36% more than the industrial sector (Department of Energy).

Buildings account for more energy consumption than any other sector by far. The way we construct and operate homes and buildings has a major impact on the people, the economy and the environment. We want to offer smarter solutions for the largest energy sector in the U.S., which we believe has the most room for rapid improvement.

Advanced technology and increased awareness of energy consumption has allowed us to take value-based action towards increasing the energy efficiency of homes and buildings. Energy efficiency can be designed and built-in for new construction and maintained with regular performance testing and maintenance. Efficiency can also be achieved by diagnosing energy waste through experience and performance testing and applying energy efficiency improvements to existing buildings.

Our Team